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Scrap Metal Houston- Recycling Benefits

Metal Recycling directly helps our city and its inhabitants in so many ways. We too live in Houston and feel extremely good about the humble contribution to the greater good of the environment that we make every day by providing quality and honest Scrap Metal Recycle Services in our community.

Did you know that each year millions of metric tons of material are recycled in the United States alone? With that, the recycling industry generates jobs in the tens of thousands throughout the country. But beyond economics, there are inherent environmental benefits that surpass by far the reasons why we should be conscious about scrap recycling.

Metal Recycling Keeps Non-Renewable Resources Out of Landfills

Scrap Metal Houston - Recycling Prevents Using Landfills

Year after year, landfills are becoming a scarce resource everywhere and Houston is not the exception. Even though that waste management companies may attempt to sort out scrap material and do some recycling of their own, it is impossible to catch every single item. As a result, every year landfills may end up getting tons of materials that should have otherwise been recycled. It is very important to create conscious about this issue. JD Metals is helping and so can you! Look around your workplace or home, see if there is any scrap metal laying around and visit us at our Houston Metal Recycling Center or call us at (832)467-3199. Not only will you get good money for your scrap metal, you will feel great about doing your part to make Houston a better place to live for all of us !

Scrap Metal Recycle Reduces Energy Consumption

Scrap Metal Houston - Recycling Reduces Energy Consumption

To produce metals from raw materials require extensive amounts of energy. For example, heating ore minerals to transform them into usable material requires lots of heat, which in turn need a heat-generating source like coal burning, electricity, or even nuclear energy. Recycling metals also require energy but it takes a lot less to melt down for instance, already-made aluminum than heating aluminum-bearing virgin rock to start the chemical process involved in its manufacturing. The same can be said about most other metals and depending on the material, some can save up to 90% of energy when recycled as opposed to manufactured from scratch. While mining of natural resources will continue, why not shift our efforts toward Recycling what we can?

Why Really Recycle - Our Kids

Our kids and their children will inherent this Planet we call home. If we don't protect the environment Today for our kids' sake, who else will? it is important that we set a good example for our kids and teach them the basics of Recycling. It's never too early to set things right. This page is our humble attempt to creating conscious about our environment in our children. We sincerely hope kids come back and play our free games while learning some basic facts about Metal Recycle and Recycling in general.

Game of the Day - Kids, make sure and read all about Recycling !

Recycling Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Recycling Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Lots of heat is needed when producing metals from virgin rock and unfortunately a by-product of generating heat is the emission of greenhouse gases which accumulate in the atmosphere. This greenhouse gas effect traps heat that should otherwise dissipate into outer space and this in turn contributes to global warming. Since Recycling Metals require a lot less energy, you will be making a huge contribution to the environment in helping reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that go into the atmosphere.

Metal Recycle Helps Us Make Better Use of Natural Resources

Metal Recycling Better for the Environment

Here we have think about the generations to come and Protect the Environment Today as much as we can. We have to realize that we are borrowing Planet Earth as we pass through life and as such, we have to leave some of its riches to our sons and daughters and their kids and so on. If we don't recycle today, we will simply run out of raw materials a lot faster than if we are conscious about doing our part and recycle. The choice is yours and we can help !

Have Fun and Learn Some Recycling Facts!

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Decreases Water & Land Pollution

Scrap Metal Reduces Water and Air Pollution

Environmental regulations dictate that landfills have to be contained to prevent the spreading of pollution into adjacent land or ground water. Unfortunately accidents do happen and containment is not always achieved as intended. With all this in mind, the formula is very simple: the more that you recycle, the less that will go into landfills.

Recycling Reduces illegal Dumping

Scrap Metal Reduces Illegal Dumping

Remember the last time that you and your family went out to a beautiful State Park for a quiet, relaxing time around nature? Now picture it with lots of scrap metal laying around in the middle of the woods or the beach...ugly, uh? and what about the negative effect on the wildlife and vegetation in the area? Why would anyone ever want to dump scrap metal in the middle of nowhere when they can recycle it and help the environment? illegal dumping will get people fined for littering or even worse, thrown in jail. Metal Recycling will pay you cash and you will feel great about helping the environment. Join us in our efforts to keep Houston clean!

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